Living Biographies/Wax Museum Workshop

Does your heart sink to see students are so excited about their characters but so nervous when portraying them? Do wish they could relax and have more fun at the big event? 

In this workshop, children learn easy-to-implement storytelling  techniques that ease anxiety and stimulate the imagination, They learn how to take a canned-sounding presentation and,while staying true to the character, make it pop!

  • Create imaginative, enthusiastic greetings for their visitors
  • Use body language and simple props  that make the characters realistic.
  • Make the content that will excite them and their visitors
  • End a portrayal in a way that makes it  surprising for visitors and memorable

Many children not only come up with ideas for their portrayals; others who feel "stuck often ask the class for ideas. The result is a highly interactive, supportive and encouraging atmosphere



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