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The War of 1812: because neither side gained in terms of land, trading rights neither the U.S or England clearly prevailed. Both sides declared victory– which means the War of 1812 was a "war without a victor".

The Burning of Washington ( 1814):  As the British troops advanced towards Washington, interndin to burn it gov't buildings, Dolley Madison had little time to decide what items to save. She had the Gilbert Stuart portrait of George Washington taken down wall and gave it to two business acquaintances of James for safekeeping; she stuffed official documents, the red velvet drapes from the dining room?? as well as various small items that Congressional funds had purchased for the White House into trunks to take with her. She left all of her and James personal belongings behind, knowing they would be destroyed.

Tecumseh's given name was Tekamthi. English speakers found the lisp distasteful and named the Warrior Tecumseh.

The White House was generally known as trhe Predisents// in 19809. Them name was used in gov't circled beginning in 1890 but was not teh official name ubntil 1901??

Mothers in the late 1800s would take their sick children to the local manufacturing facility and tell them to "breathe deeply and you'll feel better,'

The X-ray was discovered in 1895 by a German scientist. The ray is named "x'' because nobody could quite explain this phenomanon.

A gentlemen writiting a love letter to a lady in Victorian times had to take  A undotted "i" or uncrossed" t" could dash any hope of securing her affections.

While drinking tea a raised pinkie is a sign of arrogance. The gesture was originally a way for the person drinking the tea to let those around him know that that he was wealthy, not a peasant.



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