If you are looking for Royal Tea Parties by Lady J, you're at the right site! My company has a new name!

If you work with children (libraries, museums, community programs, camps etc.)
Are you searching for a program that will bring children/families into your facility? Children (and their parents) dive into the drama, intrigue and humor that season and spice the American history, Laughing, sighing and sometimes gasping at the stories' twists and turns, children come to appreciate the determination, resilience and resourcefulness of their foremothers and forefathers. Interactive performances bring children on stage to be part of the action! Always entertaining, always historically accurate. Tell me more, please 


If you are a teacher school-program coordinator
Are you tired of sorting through piles of postcards looking for an activity that will excite your students? Introduce them to American heroines who come equipped with adventures to share! Students gain a "first-hand" look at the risks,missteps triumphs and of their foremothers and forefathers. They come to understand how these early Americans shaped our country into what it is today. Interactive performances bring students "into the act";  follow-up workshops re-enforce writing skills and teach students techniques for comfortable and convincing Living-Biographies or Wax Museum portrayals. Always entertaining, always historically accurate. Tell me more, please.

If you serve senior citizens, adults or teens/young adults?
Are you searching for programs that will create a buzz and fill the room at your facility? Men and women chuckle, sigh, and at times, cringe, as they plunge into stories that highlight the drama, poignancy and, at times, ridiculousness of the Colonial, Federalist and Victorian eras. Historically accurate portrayals spotlight the traditions of the times and bring to life influential foremothers most of us know by name only! Always entertaining, always historically accurate. For more click: here Tell me more, please

 How You Benefit

  • Original scripts create performances audiences find unique and entertaining
  • Both fictional and true-to-life ladies give historically accurate information; no historical fiction
  • These Ladies REFUSE to hold back: audiences hear the straight scoop — with lots of details!
  • Audiences  7-107 come to appreciate the drama, intrigue & humor inherent in our American story through trials and victories of the men and women who created it.